“You have to use the right amount of blood,” he said in a low, commanding voice.  “Too much is unbelievable, too little looks fake.”
My grandpa carefully dribbled fake blood down his chin and neck
           “Here, you add a little more for me.”
He handed me the tube and my five-year-old hand started to shake as if the blood were real.  Grandpa took my hand to steady it.
           “Don’t be scared,” he laughed.
           “What if I use too much?,” I said with eyes as big as saucers. “
           "Art is fun, kiddo.  If we don’t like it, we wipe it off and do it again.”
He guided my hand and I squeezed until the blood started to spread through his collar down his shirt
           “Perfect!” He clapped me on the shoulder and staggered out of the room.  Seconds later, I could hear my grandma screaming.  She was laughing and cursing him by the time I got there.
My grandpa was a tough man, growing up homeless during the Great Depression and lying his age to join the Navy at 16 to fight in WWII.  What was more amazing about him was as he survived, his passion for art and creativity thrived. He was a phenomenal artist in every medium and clever enough to blend his love for art and technology at Rockwell to assist in the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing.  To me, everything he did was magical
            He died when I was young but I remember what a great story teller he was and how much he loved the villain
           “The better the villain, the better the hero,” he would say.  “Villains are more colorful. Without them, the story would be boring.”
             All these things about my grandpa stuck with me and he has always been my inspiration. I learned to take to my passions, with fearless dedication, just like he did.
              I took my talent for playing hockey and trained with discipline and hard work like a soldier in training.  At 16, I found myself recruited to play in Canada and across the United States.  I took a beating and learned how to persevere as an individual and an asset to my team.  We learned to succeed together and fail together; always learning from our mistakes to wipe it off and try again.  So when it came time for me to embark on a career, I knew my destiny was to make magic; with the hard road I have triumphed at a young age, I am fearless to pursue my passion and creative design is now the path I must follow.

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